BCRTA’s mission is to support Butler County's quality of life and economic development through public transportation solutions.

BCRTA was created by the Butler County Commissioners in 1994 as a public agency in accordance with Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 306 to be governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Butler County Commissioners with the intention of resulting in a coordinated transportation program that better meets the needs of the residents of the county to:

  • Provide access to health and human and services programs
  • Better foster the economic development and vitality of the county by providing better access to jobs, education, shopping, government services

  • Conserve energy and reduce pollution.

  • Become the designated grantee (designated by the Ohio Governor) for federal and state transportation funds within the Cincinnati Urbanized Area of Butler County.
  • Serve as a broker of transportation services for various county boards and agencies that wish to contract with the BCRTA to manage their transportation needs.

Meet the BCRTA Board of Trustees …

Mr. Christopher Lawson
City of Hamilton 

Vice President:
Mr. Perry Gordon
City of Oxford Police Department 


Mr. Travis Bautz
MidPointe Library System

Mrs. Jessica Chandler
Butler County ESC

Mr. David Fehr
Butler County Department of Development 

Mr. James A. Foster
City of Trenton

Ms. Anita Scott Jones

Mr. Corey Watt

Executive Director:
Matthew Dutkevicz

Legal Counsel:
Gary Becker, Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP


The Transit Alliance of Butler County
The Transit Alliance of Butler County is a nonprofit organization and subsidiary of the BCRTA that advises BCRTA on unmet transportation needs for citizens, agencies and businesses. TABC also advocates for local support, and provides a forum to facilitate and demonstrate collaboration of resources. TABC is always looking for new members. Please contact BCRTA if you are interested in becoming a member of the TABC.

TABC is currently supporting Access Butler County,  a program designed by TABC to help subsidize the cost of BCRTA and Middletown Transit fixed route fares in cooperation with other agencies.  Read more about Access Butler County here.