Pay No Show Fee


Please read all instructions before proceeding, clicking Pay Now will take you away from this screen, 

Please note that a $0.50 fee will be added to your payment as a processing fee.

1. Select amount from drop-down menu. 
    For example, if you owe $2.50, choose “Amount due is a multiple of $2.50 USD”. 
    If you owe $4.00, choose “Amount due is a multiple of $2.00 USD” and adjust the quantity by following the next steps.  

2. Click the Pay Now button – you will be taken to PayPal’s payment window

3. Adjust the quantity to the reflect the exact amount of the No Show Fee to be paid 

4. Click Continue

5. Log into your PayPal account or click Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Select Amount from Drop-down Menu