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Welcome to BCRTA’s resources page! We’ve compiled important information to inform our riders, staff, and the community. As always, if you have any questions about our services, please contact customer service at 513.785.5237.

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The future of transit in Butler County is at an exciting juncture. Since 2010, our team has taken Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) from an on-demand service to a countywide service with lower fares. We have replaced our aging fleet, negotiated a long‐term operations contract with Miami University, implemented countywide curb-to-curb service, developed regional connections and significantly grown our ridership.

Through collaboration with our local and regional colleagues, we are moving BCRTA forward by providing mobile app payments and scheduling for the BGo Dial‐A‐Ride service and the implementation of regional mobile ticketing with Metro in Cincinnati and Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK).

As we continue to navigate an evolving landscape, our strategic vision becomes even more critical. BCRTA is at a pivotal decision point in our history and this strategic plan represents an ambitious and bold vision for our future.

The Leadership Team and Board thoroughly reviewed our past accomplishments, current state and future aspiration to provide the citizens of Butler County with the transit solutions needed to drive economic development, provide regional connectivity and deliver access for all. This detailed work produced a set of goals accompanied by a meticulous timeline, offering clarity on our plan’s our plan’s optimistic outlook.

This strategic plan, formulated after extensive deliberation and consultation, offers a holistic view of our aspirations, strategies and the road ahead.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in making BCRTA a beacon of excellence in the world of public transit.

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As President of the Board of Trustees for the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA), I am pleased to convey my committed support for the 2024‐ 2026 Strategic Plan. Over the past decade, our agency has experienced significant growth and overcome numerous challenges, and our dedication to delivering exceptional transit services to the residents of Butler County has never been stronger. The development and finalization of the BCRTA Strategic Plan are critical to carving out our future and both timely and essential to best serving our Butler County citizens.

This plan symbolizes more than just a roadmap for our future; it encapsulates our commitment to ensuring that BCRTA remains 
at the forefront of regional mobility, servicing not just Butler County 
but expanding services to connect with the wider region.

The weight of our decisions, deliberations and actions cannot be understated. As guardians of the public trust and as stewards of BCRTA’s mission, we have been entrusted with the significant responsibility of steering our organization into the future. Our role is pivotal in making BCRTA a beacon of progress, innovation and community partnership.

The impact we are poised to make on Butler County and the surrounding areas is monumental. Every strategy we enact, every policy we formulate, will reverberate across communities, shaping lives, influencing economies and molding the future of transit in our region.

Lastly, I want to express my unwavering belief in our capacity to lead BCRTA into a prosperous future. With our strategic plan as our compass and our shared dedication as our fuel, we will continue to serve our community with excellence.

Together, let’s craft a legacy of which we can be proud!

Aug 25, 1994

BCRTA is created when Commissioners appoint seven-member board

November 1997

Board hires executive director

December 1998

City of Hamilton approves BCRTA as "designated recipient" for Urbanized Area Funds, enabling BCRTA to apply for federal operating and capital assistance

February 11, 1999
BCRTA applies for federal funds
March 24, 1999

BCRTA contracts with City of Hamilton to provide service

April 1999

BCRTA hires 13 drivers and dispatch workers


Three levies fail and union negotiations break down, leading to BCRTA’s decision to suspend operations

September 20, 2003

Agreement reached between BCRTA and union

October 2003

Hamilton Shuttle Service operations begin


BCRTA develops curb-to-curb services and operates under that model


BCRTA partners with City of Middletown to leverage city’s unused grant dollars and provide service between Middletown and Hamilton on weekdays

August 2012

BCRTA partners with Miami University

Soring 2013

BCRTA and Miami University enter agreement for BCRTA to provide Oxford campus service to the public

November 2014

BCRTA reaches milestone of providing more than 500,000 trips

April 3, 2018

BCRTA receives $2.6M federal grant for Oxford multimodal facility

January 2021 - April 2022

Federal mask mandate for buses to stop spread of COVID-19


Max Your Vax events held to incentive COVID-19 vaccinations

March 2023

BGo App is launched

Summer 2023

BCRTA receives funding from FTA to buy propane-fueled vehicles

January 2024

CincyLink is launched, connecting BCRTA riders to the Queen City

January 19, 2024

Groundbreaking held for Chestnut Street Multimodal Facility