CL CincyLink

Introducing CincyLink: Your Express Bus Between Butler County and Cincinnati!

Are you tired of the daily commute grind between Butler County and Cincinnati? You can leave traffic jams, parking hassles, and high gas prices behind and say hello to convenience, comfort, and cost savings. Welcome aboard CincyLink – your new, hassle-free way to commute between Butler County, Ohio and Cincinnati.

This new commuter service will feature 4 peak morning round trips and 4 peak afternoon round trips.  Stops will include Meijer in Middletown, Meijer in West Chester, Uptown Cincinnati, Government Square (Downtown Cincinnati), and Riverfront Transit Center.  Passengers will enjoy:
  • All forward-facing high back seats
  • Available 3-point seatbelts
  • USB-A and USB-C charging
  • Additional overhead baggage space
  • Complimentary onboard WiFi
  • Cashless onboard payment with EZfare
  No cash will be accepted onboard.  Riders must download the EZfare app or use an EZfare reloadable smart card. Fare collection starts April 1, 2024.   Join our CincyLink mailing list for all the latest news.

EZfare Tap and Ride

Welcome to EZfare: Tap and Ride – Your Seamless Ticketing Solution!
Introducing EZfare with Tap and Ride – the hassle-free way to navigate public transportation. With EZfare, we’re revolutionizing your commuting experience by eliminating the need for paper tickets. Say goodbye to long queues and fumbling for loose change – and say hello to seamless, effortless travel.
How does it work? It’s simple. Riders can easily load funds onto their EZfare account or an EZfarer reloadable smart card; from there, it’s smooth sailing. Each time you tap your barcode, the fare is swiftly deducted from your account – no more worrying about carrying exact change or losing your ticket.
But here’s the real game-changer: fare capping. With Tap and Ride, you’re always guaranteed the best fare. Once you’ve reached the monthly pass cost, your account is automatically capped for the remainder of the month. That means you can travel with peace of mind, knowing you’re getting the most cost-effective option every time.

Guaranteed Ride Home

  • The Butler County Regional Transit Authority Guaranteed Ride Home Program ensures peace of mind for CincyLink commuters by providing a reliable ride home when an unexpected emergency or unplanned overtime occurs during a normal work day. Riders can call the BCRTA Customer Service Center to request a ride and BCRTA will schedule and pay for an Uber to pick- you up. Only trips from work to home, a hospital, daycare facility, school, or to a park-and-ride facility are covered. Riders can utilize the Guaranteed Ride Home program up to four times in a 12-month calendar period. Please call customer service at 513.785.5237 for questions or to book a ride.

Transit Alliance Fare Deal Application

The Transit Alliance of Butler County administers a rider subsidy program that provides a 50% fare reduction on BCRTA Commuter Service for individuals 65+ and/or with a disability. For more information, please visit the TABC website at


EZfare Smart Cards

EZfare reloadable smart cards can be purchased at the Middletown Transit Station, 55 S. Broad Street, or by completing a smart card order form.

Smart cards can be loaded at any participating Vanilla Direct retail location. To find a complete list, please visit


  • Single Ride: $5.00
  • 30 Day Pass: $120.00

tripTrip Planner

  • Cincinnati
  • Hamilton
  • Middletown
  • West Chester Township
  • Year Round
  • Government Square
  • Riverfront Transit Center
Park & Ride
  • Meijer/West Chester
  • Meijer/Middletown