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In an effort to act as a responsible steward of public dollars and to operate in a transparent and trustworthy manner, the Butler County Regional Transit Authority has established this page to provide frequently requested records and materials.  If you have questions about something you do not see here, please contact us.




Additionally, the BCRTA Board of Trustees meets, openly, on a monthly basis.  The public is welcome to attend and time is allotted for public comment.   Citizens interested in providing public comment during the meeting are encouraged to review the bylaws of the Butler County Regional Transit Authority that relate to Order of Business and Comments from Citizens (§3.6.11).


Meetings are scheduled as follows:




All Meetings take place in the BCRTA BoardRoom at 3045 Moser Court, Hamilton, OH 45011 unless stated differently.


Excerpt from Bylaws of the Butler County Regional Transit Authority:

"3.6.11    Individuals wishing to address the Board at their meetings should contact the General Manager / Executive Director’s office by 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the Board meeting. They will be asked to provide their name, address, phone number, and the topic to be addressed.  Speakers will be given five (5) minutes to address the Board and the Board will make no response or reply to the speaker.  Speakers are encouraged to put their thoughts in writing and submit a copy to the Board for inclusion in the minutes.

Any individual or group may address the Board concerning any subject that lies within the Board’s jurisdiction.  The Board reserves the right to limit the number of speakers on one subject.  Questions are to be directed to the Board as a whole and may not be put to any individual member of the Board or the administrative staff.

No person shall present orally at any meeting of the Board, a complaint against an individual employee of the Board.  Such charge or complaint shall be presented to the Board in writing and shall be signed by the person(s) making the charge or complaint.

The General Manager / Executive Director assumes the responsibility of responding by letter to any questions or issues raised in a timely manner following the Board meeting.

The Sunshine Law guarantees a person’s right to attend a public meeting but not a person’s right to be heard at that meeting.  Disruptive persons waive their right to remain and observe a meeting." 

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