Schedules & Maps




Regional Route Legend

BCRTA Regional routes run throughout the county making connections between Hamilton and Middletown, Middletown and Oxford, Oxford and Hamilton, and Hamilton and the Tri-County mall. 

R1 - Hamilton/Middletown Shuttle
R2 - Oxford/Middletown Shuttle
R3 - Hamilton/Oxford Connector 
R4 - Tri-County Shuttle
R6 - Job Connector
R7 - I-75 WorkLink


BCRTA provides transportation options for the Oxford Community and Miami University throughout the city with transfer locations to help residents reach locations throughout Butler County and to the Cincinnati metropolitan area. 


Spring and Fall Routes

U1 -Campus CoreU1 - Campus Core                                                                                                                                                                                                                      U1 -Campus CoreU1W - Campus Core w/Wal-Mart Flyer
P1 Chestnut FieldsP1 Chestnut Fields
U2 Park & Ride (Ditmer & Millett)P2 Park and Ride
P3P3 Ditmer Express
U3 - Tollgate LoopU3 - Tollgate Loop                                                                                                                                                                                                                       U4 - City Loop with Walmart FlyerU4 - Western/North Loop                                                                                                                                                                                                           U4 - City Loop with Walmart FlyerU4D - Western/North Loop w/Ditmer Flyer



Middletown Route Legend

Red Line
Blue Line
Green Line
Gold Line



Park and Ride Legend

BCRTA provides Park & Ride service throughout Butler County to help residents find affordable options for transportation to and from work locations in Butler County and to the Cincinnati metropolitan area. 

42X  - West Chester Express & Job Connection provided in cooperation with 
Cincinnati METRO


ADA Transit Services

ADA services are reserved for passengers with disabilities who are unable or find it difficult to ride fixed line bus routes.  ADA passengers must be certified by BCRTA in order to reserve ADA rides. Please call for more information or to receive an application.


Click here to download the BCRTA ADA Paratransit Plan 

Click here to download the BCRTA ADA Transportation Application