Nov 16 11:40am - R4 delay

SERVICE ALERT: The R4 bus is currently running about 30 minutes behind. Please contact our Call Center with any questions at 513-785-5237.

Aug 3 11:41am - Level 27 Routes no longer In service

Effective Wed, August 19 BCRTA will no longer provide the U5 Level 27 Express or the U6 After Hours routes. Please contact us at 513-785-5237 with any questions.

Jul 7 9:57am - R4 Service Change - Moved Stops

Beginning Aug 3, the Tri-County Mall stop will move to alongside Sears and the Meijer stop in Fairfield will be moved to Casual Dr. For info, call at 513-785-5237

Jul 7 9:47am - R4 stops no longer In service

Beginning Aug 3, the R4-Tri-County Shuttle will no longer service the Boymel and Kohl's stops in Fairfield. For more information, please call us at 513-785-5237

Jul 1 11:41am - R2 Service Change In Middletown

Starting Aug 3rd, the Oxford to Middletown Shuttle (R2) will make stops on Central Avenue in downtown Middletown. For more information, call at 513-785-5237