Aug 25 9:33am - Move-in day R2

Until 4pm, Thursday, August 25, the R2 westbound will not be serving Cole Services Bldg., East Quad, Farmer School, Goggin Center, Rec. Center, or Morris Hall. Additionally, the R2 will service Miami Station C in place of Miami Station E

Aug 25 9:32am - Move-in day R3

Until 4pm, Thursday, August 25, the R3 northbound will not be serving Morris Hall. Additionally, the R3 northbound will be serving Miami Station A in place of Miami Station E.

Aug 19 9:51am - Chestnut closure

Due to construction, the U2 or U3 will not serve Chestnut Place Apartments of Campus & Chestnut. Expect delays on both of these routes until further notice.

Aug 4 2:43pm - Oxford service alert

SERVICE ALERT: Due to move-in day at Miami University, Oxford U-Routes and ADA service will not start up until 4pm on Thursday, August 25. The R2 and R3 will run their regular schedules.