Learn How To Ride

boy riding bus holding stop cord

Tips For Riding

What is a fixed route?

A fixed route provides services on a repetitive, fixed schedule basis along a specific route with vehicles stopping to pick up and deliver passengers to specific locations. Our fixed-route service is always FREE to ride.

Below you’ll learn tips for:

  • Reading The Schedule
  • Getting On/Off The Bus
  • Loading Your Bike
  • Basic Courtesy

For further assistance and topics see the travel training, fares or try our FAQs.

Reading The Schedule

Determine Your Bus Route

Determine your bus route based on location (origin and destination)

Find Your Stop

Find the closest bus stop (note that only timepoints show up on the schedule so your stop may fall within two timepoints)

Know Your Direction

The same route often runs on both sides of the street.  Make sure you are aware which direction your trip will take. Normally schedules will be noted as either northbound/southbound or eastbound/westbound.

Know Your Destination

Locate the destination stop you’d like to arrive at and the times the bus will arrive at that point.

people boarding a bus

Boarding The Bus

A few simple tips to make your experience easy.

Arrive Early

Arrive to the bus stop five (5) minutes before scheduled arrival time.

Fare Out And Ready – No Need!

Our fixed routes are always free! Simply hop on the bus of your choice and enjoy a free ride to your destination.

Ask For Help

Ask driver for any assistance needing in boarding such as lowering the ramp or kneeling the bus.

Sit Down Quickly

After paying your fare, locate your seat and sit down.

Stow Your Items

Stow any items brought on-board below you or under the seat for safe storage.  You may not block the aisle.

Exiting The Bus

There are some easy things you can do to help keep things running smoothly.

Stay Alert

Stay alert while riding to make sure you do not miss your stop as drivers are not able to pull over at unmarked locations

Pull The Stop Cord

Pull the stop cord located above the windows when your stop is next.  Drivers don’t always stop at every stop and might otherwise pass your exit stop.

Be Ready In Your Seat

Gather all belongings and wait to get up until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Exit Through The Back Door

Exit through the back door if at all possible to allow customers to board at the front efficiently.

Stay Clear Of The Bus After Exit

For safety reasons do not cross in front or behind the vehicle.  The bus may have stopped to let you off, but once you exit, it will be moving again as soon as it can.

Loading Your Bike

You can’t bring your bike on the bus, but you can put it on the rack in front. If the rack is full, you’ll need to wait for the next bus.

Lower The Rack

Lower the rack before placing the bike up on the rack. Squeeze the release lever by pulling the handle upward and then gently lower the rack to the horizontal position.

Place Your Bike On The Rack

Place your bike on the rack in the location closet to the bus with the with the front wheel and the handlebars towards the curb. If a bike is already on the rack, the front wheel and the handlebars should be facing street side, away from the curb.

Close The Rack

Pull out the curved spring-loaded swing-arm, lift up over the front tire, and place the hook as close as possible to the bicycle’s head tube.

Upon Bus Exit, Notify The Driver

Upon exiting the bus, please exit the bus out of the front and alert the driver that you will be removing your bike from the rack. 

Tips & Facts

Here is a short list of basic rules on bus etiquette.

The Front Of The Bus

Please allow elderly or people with disabilities to sit in the front of the vehicle or when overcrowding occurs.

Bus Drivers Will Skip Stops

Buses do not automatically stop at every stop. People need to either be waiting at the stop or the stop cord must be pulled.

Remember Others

Be mindful of other around you.

Food & Drink

No eating or drinking allowed on the bus.

Carts & Strollers

Any carts and strollers must be collapsed and not blocking aisle-ways. 

Fixed Routes are Free

Our fixed routes are always free. No need to prepare a fare.

Mobile Applications

Here is a listing of mobile applications to help you plan your trips for fixed route and on-demand.

Transit Mobile Application

Transit Icon

Plan, Track, and Ride for Free!  Transit mobile application helps riders plan for fixed route trips.

BGo Mobile Application

BGO Logo

Tap.Book.Ride for $5.00 a trip.  BGo mobile application helps you book on demand trips anywhere in Butler County.