Fares & Passes

Effective January 1, 2017 BCRTA will no longer accept personal checks for pass and ticket purchases, service invoices, or no show fees.


30 Day Passes (R Routes, U routes, MTS routes)

BCRTA is now selling a 30 Day Rolling Bus Pass for $40.00, plus shipping.  This pass provides full fare for one person on all U routes, R routes, and MTS routes.  The pass is good for unlimited rides during the 30 day period after first use.  Please note that lost passes cannot be replaced.

30 Day Passes may be purchased online by clicking the link below.  Please allow 7- 12 business days for delivery.  Passes are also available for sale at BCRTA's main office and the Middletown Transit Station on weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM.



Single Ride Tickets - BCRTA & MTS

BCRTA sells individual ride tickets in $2.00 and $5.00 increments.  BCRTA tickets may be used on all fixed routes and dial a ride services.  Click below to order tickets online.

**Regular U, R and MTS route riders may be interested in the new 30 Day Unlimited Ride Pass.**

PLEASE NOTE: Personal checks will no longer be accepted effective January 1, 2017.  Business checks and money orders will be the only acceptable payment for mail orders after this date.

For mail orders Bcrta Ticket Order Form

Middletown Transit tickets are available in $1.25 and $0.60 increments.  MTS tickets can be purchased at the Middletown Transit Station (55 S. Broad Street) Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM or by clicking below to order online.

Half Fare

Elderly passengers, disabled passengers, and Medicare cardholders are eligible to pay half fare on all BCRTA U & R routes and also on MTS Blue, Gold, Green and Red routes.  Half fare on BCRTA is $1.00, and $0.60 on MTS routes.  Passengers should provide proof of eligibility at boarding.  Effective January 1, 2015 all half fare passengers must complete an application and provide a BCRTA issued ID card to be eligible to participate in the half fare program.  Please call 513.785.5237 for details or complete the application here.



Single ride transfers are available upon request to passengers who pay a cash fare at boarding.  Transfers may be used between all "R," "U," and Middletown Transit routes.  Please note some transfers are time limited.


Special Rates & Fares

Some City of Hamilton residents may be eligible to receive a free 30 day rolling pass, generously subsidized by the City of Hamilton Community Development Block Grant Program.  Passes are intended for use on the R6, but may be used on other routes as well.  Please call 513-785-5237 to check eligibility or complete a paper application.  Applicants may also submit an online request for a free R6 pass.  Please note, you must have a Google account to upload the required documents.

CDBG provides passes for individuals that can prove residence in the following Butler County census tracts: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 105, 111.23, and 146.  Check your address here.


Regular Fares

Passengers must pay fare with correct change, ticket, or pass at the time of boarding. Please note drivers do not carry cash and cannot make change.

Regional Routes

R1 – Middletown and Hamilton
R2 – Middletown and Oxford
R3 - Hamilton and Oxford
R4 – Hamilton and Tri-County
R6 - Job Connector
R7 - I-75 WorkLink

General Public: $2.00 per ride
Children under 12: free
Transfers: free
ADA Service: $4.00
Half Fare/Medicare cardholders: $1.00 with ID
Miami University: free


Oxford /Miami University Routes

U1 -Campus CoreU1 - Campus Core
P1 Chestnut Fields ExpressP1 Chestnut Fields Express
P2 Park and RideP2 Park and Ride
P3 Ditmer ExpressP3 Ditmer Express
U3 - Tollgate LoopU3 - Tollgate Loop
U4 - City Loop with Walmart FlyerU4 - Health Loop


General Public: $2.00 per ride
Children under 12: free
Transfers: free
ADA Service: $4.00
Half Fare/Medicare cardholders: $1.00 with ID
Miami University: free

Middletown Routes

Blue Line
Gold Line
Green Line
Red Line

General Public: $1.25 per ride
Children under 12: free
Transfers: free
ADA Service: $2.50
Half Fare/Medicare cardholders: $0.60 with ID