42X Temporarily Suspended

June 1, 2020

Due to significant drops in ridership, BCRTA is working with Cincinnati Metro to suspend the 42X West Chester Express & Job Connection effective June 8, 2020 until further notice. Loss of ridership and fare revenue due to COVID 19 has made the service unsustainable at this time.


Q: Why is BCRTA making this decision and not Cincinnati Metro?
A: The 42X is funded by BCRTA and passenger revenues. Cincinnati Metro operates the service under contract with BCRTA.

Q: Why is BCRTA choosing to suspend service now?
A: In order to preserve future service and protect public investment, BCRTA has elected to suspend this service until normal operations and ridership may resume. The significant loss of fares has made the funding of the service unsustainable until normal work habits and ridership resume. Empty and almost empty buses are a poor way to spend money!

Q: I just bought a pass! Can I get a refund?
A: Cincinnati Metro handles fares and payment. Please contact Cincinnati Metro Customer Relations at 513-632-7575 or customerservice@go-metro.com weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Q: Will 42X service resume?

Q: When will 42X service resume?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have a date to resume service at this time. To receive regular information and updates, please subscribe to BCRTA’s mailing list.