Federal Transit Administration Awards Butler County RTA Grant to Support Propane Fuel Transition.

July 11, 2023

Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) is one of ten transit agencies in Ohio to receive funding from the Federal Transit Authority. The funding will support the Ohio Zero Emissions Ready Ohio project (OH-ZERO). The OH-ZERO project allows transit authorities to replace older buses with zero-emission and low-emission fleet vehicles.

Butler County RTA will receive about 1.1 million in federal funding to purchase five propane-fueled vehicles and build an on-site fueling station. This will allow BCRTA to invest in sustainable transportation solutions, reduce greenhouse emissions and promote environmental stewardship while maintaining a high level of quality and state of good repair among the BCRTA fleet. BCRTA plans to leverage propane as an alternative fuel source for smaller transit vehicles until battery-electric and other emerging fuel technologies support better range, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

“BCRTA is proud that we can be competitive in nationwide Federal grant programs such as this. We’re thankful for the federal investment and look forward to transitioning our mini-bus fleet to a cleaner power source,” said Matthew Dutkevicz, BCRTA Executive Director.

BCRTA’s mission is to support Butler County’s quality of life and economic development through public transportation solutions. For more information about BCRTA please visit our website at butlercountyrta.com