October 26, 2020

Vehicle Operator, Lakesha English, exemplified what it means to be a hero today when she took the initiative to approach a young girl wandering alone. While driving the R3, Lakesha noticed the 11-year-old girl at the Fairfield Crossings Goodwill and welcomed her onboard to get warm and to find out more information. Lakesha called into dispatch to have police alerted to the situation, and stayed with the girl until they arrived. It was later realized that the young girl had been reported missing Sunday night from her Walnut Street home. BCRTA is proud of all of our drivers and strives to recognize exemplary service. Great job, Lakesha!

Lakesha with Bus
Lakesha stands with her R3 bus at Market Street Station
Lakesha behind the wheel
Lakesha ready to greet pandemic-style