Miami University Service Changes Starting August 20, 2023.

August 14, 2023

Miami University is excited to announce that starting in fall 2023, there will be changes to the bus routes available for students and staff. These changes will include more transport to and from the Chestnut and Millett parking lots and increased frequency during peak travel times.

Unfortunately, transport to the Ditmer lot will be reduced in order to increase frequency to and from the Millett and Chestnut lots. The U3X AM and the U3X PM will no longer be available. Commuters parking in the Millett and Chestnut Fields commuter areas should use the U4 and U3 routes, respectively.

Commuters parking in the Millett lot can catch the U4 route every 10 minutes for the 4-minute ride to Laws or 16-minute ride to Shriver. (See image 1 below.) Commuters parking in the Chestnut Fields lot can catch the U3 route every 7 minutes for the 12-minute ride to Shriver or 15-minute ride to Farmer. (See image 2 below.)

The U3 will increase service frequency to run every seven minutes during the morning rush, and the U4 will run every ten minutes. These changes will allow commuter students quicker access to the campus core and alleviate bus crowding during peak travel times. As these changes take effect, please continue using the Buztrakr website or the Transit app for the most up-to-date bus route information. Updated bus schedules for the U3 and U4 will be posted by August 18, 2023. Riders can call customer service with any further questions at 513.785.5237.

Image 1
Image 2