(BCRTA) Transit Plan: Overview

August 9, 2023


BCRTA is developing its first ever transit plan. The transit plan will outline recommendations to grow and improve BCRTA’s system based on the changing demographics and transportation needs within Butler County.

About the plan

The plan will make immediate and near-term recommendations for:

New or improved bus routes

Support for existing and future BCRTA operations at transit facilities

Transit funding and financing strategies

Identification of needed bus stop enhancements

Transit fleet and technology enhancements



Mid Winter 2022

Analyze data and existing transit performance

Spring 2022
Listen to the public and stakeholders regarding what is and is not working well with BCRTA
Early Summer 2022
Develop draft recommendations
Late Summer
Share draft recommendations with the public and gather feedback
Fall 2022
Revise recommendations
Mid Winter 2023
Develop Final Plan