PUBLIC HEARING: Proposed R2, R4, and BGo Service Cuts

September 7, 2021

Due to prolonged staffing shortages, BCRTA is proposing to temporarily suspend all service on the Route R2 (Oxford & Middletown), R4 (Hamilton & Tri-County), and BGo trips to the South Dayton GDRTA Hub.

BCRTA will hold a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 to receive comments from the public regarding the proposed changes. Comments will also be received via webform, or telephone until 7:00 PM on the same day.

Join the virtual Public Hearing:
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Submit Comments via webform:
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Submit comments via phone:
Ms. Shawn Cowan, Mobility Manager
Tel 513.785.5398

Anyone who is unable to access these materials via BCRTA’s website or needs additional accommodation should contact the Office of the Executive Director at 513.785.5246 or TTY: 800-750-2750 as soon as possible in order to make necessary arrangements. For language assistance, such as an interpreter or information in another language, please call 513.785.5246 at least 48 hours prior to the public hearing date.


Q: When will these services return?
A: BCRTA plans to reinstate services when staffing levels return to normal. All services will be evaluated as part of BCRTA’s short-range planning study beginning in Q4 2021 to be assessed for future growth or amendments.

Q: Will ADA service be affected?
A: ADA service that operates within 3/4 mile of the R2 or R4 AND not within 3/4 mile of any other BCRTA routes will be suspended.

Q: When would this suspension of services begin?
A: Any suspension of service will be reviewed by the BCRTA Board of Trustees and a start date will be determined by staff after concurrence with the Board. No suspension is expected before October 1, 2021.