Upcoming Changes: Butler County RTA to Eliminate Select Bus Stops on November 13, 2023.

October 16, 2023

The following stops will be removed – please plan accordingly.

Blue Line – Roosevelt Pkwy at Jiffy Lube, Kohls Department Store, Towne Blvd and Olive Garden, Walmart and Jiffy Lube, and Verity and Vail.

Red Line – University Blvd at Miami University Dr, Briel Blvd at Summit Dr, and Verity and Vail.

Green Line North Bound – Central Ave at Alley, Elwood St. at Tytus Ave, Tytus at Beech St, Tytus Ave at Animal Hospital, Tytus Ave at Ohio SB, Eldora at Verity Pkwy, and Verity and Vail (Verity and Vail Southbound).

Gold Line East – Verity and Vail, Roosevelt Blvd at Kensington

R6 – Vora Technology Park Southbound and Northbound

Red Line – New Stop

Forest Hills Dr at N. Briel Blvd.