BCRTA Receives Alternative Fuel Strategy Report

April 11, 2023

In partnership with the Southwest Ohio Transit Authority (SORTA) and Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK), BCRTA commissioned this study examining alternative fuel implementation feasibility and possible transition options. At the time of delivery, BCRTA staff and Trustees are still reviewing the plan for implementation feasibility. More information on BCRTA’s transition plans will be available in late 2023. Readers of this plan should also consider:

  • This plan only examines BCRTA’s fixed route fleet. Paratransit and BGo vehicles will be considered in a separate plan.
  • BCRTA does not have any large heavy duty coaches eligible for replacement with federal funds until 2025 – 2031.
  • BCRTA must establish a separate financing and capital plan to implement any alternative fuel vehicle purchases.