Fare Price Breakdown

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BCRTA provides services for Butler County, the City of Middletown, and Miami University.  Below is the cost to riders based upon which service type a rider wishes to use. Service types include Fixed route, ADA paratransit, and BGo curb-to-curb.

Fixed Route Fare

Fare is based on a one-way trip.  If riders pay in cash, please note, no change can be given on the bus. Regional Routes, Middletown Routes, and Miami University/Oxford Routes.

Regional Routes$2.00
Commuter Routes (R2 & R7) $2.00
Oxford/Miami University Route (Non MU Student or Faculty) $2.00
Middletown Routes$1.25
30-Day BCRTA/MTS Pass $40.00

Half Fare & Medicare Cardholders

Persons aged 65+, passengers with a disability, and Medicare cardholders are eligible to pay half fare on all BCRTA U, P, and R routes and also on MTS Blue, Gold, Green and Red routes. 

Passengers should provide proof of eligibility at boarding.  Effective January 1, 2015 all half fare passengers must complete an application and provide a BCRTA issued ID card to be eligible to participate in the half fare program.  Please call 513.785.5237 for details or complete the application.

Regional Routes$1.00
Middletown Routes$0.60
30-Day BCRTA/MTS Pass $20.00

Child Fare

Children under 12 ride FREE on all BCRTA fixed route services with an accompanied adult.

Miami University

BCRTA and Miami University have a contract agreement to provide fixed route, paratransit, and SafeRide services through 2023.  Under this agreement, faculty and students receive free rides on the U, P, and R routes. University ID needs to be swiped on-board the vehicle.

MU Students & Faculty/Staff Free

ADA Service

BCRTA provides ADA paratransit services within ¾’s mile buffer of all fixed routes.  Fixed routes include R1, R3, R4, R6, Green, Blue, Gold, Red, P1, P2, P3, U1, U1W, U3, U4, and U4D.  Pricing is set by the ADA Act of 1991 that paratransit fares can be no more than twice the cost of a fixed route fare.

R, U, and P Route Paratransit Fare $4.00
Middletown Color Route Paratransit Fare $2.50

BGo Curb-to-Curb

BCRTA provides curb-to-curb service.  Riders can schedule a pickup and dropoff similar to a Uber/Lyft ride. 

BGo Trip One Way$5.00/trip
Middletown Nights (6:30PM – 11PM) $2.00/trip
SafeRide Free for MU students and faculty/staff